Plays Developed by Newman

These plays have developed at some point in their journey by John Dilworth Newman, either at Highland High School or Utah Valley University.  It takes a village to develop a play and Dr. Newman is proud to have been one of the villagers.   These pages describe plays that Newman has been helped develop through dramaturgical conversations, exploratory workshops, staged readings, and premiere productions.  Links are included to additional information about the scripts and their writers.

The following playwrights developed plays in residence at Highland High School between 1996 and 2010.

Sandra Fenichel Asher

Matt Buchannan

Drew Chappell

Doug Cooney

Elise Forier (with composer Tina Lear)

Moses Goldberg

Matt Omasta

Alisa Weinstein

The following playwrights have developed, or will be developing, plays while in residence at Utah Valley University since 2010

Sandra Fenichel Asher

Drew Chappell

Wendy Gourley

Suzan Zeder


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