Awakening Galatea

Pygmalion the sculptor is a perfectionist.  He creates Galatea, his statue of a perfect woman, in order to mock imperfect maidens.  However, when the Seven Muses cause Pygmalion to fall in love with his statue, the Muse of Poetry begs the Goddess of Love to let her enter into the statue and experience mortal love.  The Muses lead Pygmalion and Galatea on a quest that renders both sculptor and sculpture capable of genuine affection and humanity.

The play requires a cast of eight women and one man and runs about 75 minutes.  It is written in verse, sometimes rhymed and sometimes unrhymed, and provides excellent female roles and strong ensemble experiences.  The script has had staged readings by Colorado Dramatists in Denver, Remembrance Through the Performing Arts in Austin, and Mystic Theatre Company in New Jersey.  The play has been fully produced by both high school and college casts.  It can be easily and imaginatively staged in a variety of eras and styles and also works effectively as a readers’ theatre piece.

This play is now published by Leicester Bay Theatricals.  For more information, follow this link:


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