by Moses Goldberg

Dr. Moses Goldberg is one of the leading playwrights, directors, and theorists in American children’s theatre.  He was the artistic director of Stage One:  The Louisville Children’s Theatre in Kentucky for almost thirty years.  In addition to his theatre training, Dr. Goldberg completed degrees in child development and his theories about developmental theatre (what kinds of theatre are best for young audiences according to their stage of development) is required reading in the field.  Goldberg a leading writer of participation plays for young people, a genre he pioneered because of his beliefs in what the youngest audience members need from a theatre experience.  He has published over a dozen plays with Anchorage Press, now merged with Dramatic Publishing.  Among his many honors, he is a recipient of the Charlotte Chorpenning Cup from the American Alliance for Theatre and Education and the Orlin Corey Medallion from the Children’s Theatre Foundation of America.

Goldberg’s latest play, The Sapphire Comb, was commissioned by the Rivers Institute at Hanover College and produced by the River Run Theatre of Madison, Indiana to teach young people about the ecology of rivers.  It is presented in an Eastern theatre style and tells the story of a ferryman, his daughter, and her junk-collecting friend and how they learn to let the river follow its nature and flood.  The script was also produced by the Open Eye Theater in upstate New York and had its third production at Highland High School with the playwright in attendance.  The script was published first by Anchorage Press Plays and then by Dramatic Publishing following the merger.

For more information about The Sapphire Comb, follow this link:


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