by Alisa Faye Weinstein

Tua’s Dreams was developed as part of New York University’s New Plays for Young Audiences series.  The development and reading of the play took place in the Provincetown Playhouse, where Eugene O’Neill and other prominent American playwrights were first introduced to New York audiences.  Weinstein was masters student at NYU at the time, working under the tutelage of playwright Laurie Brooks.

The play tells the story of a young East Indian Girl who was adopted when she was very young and had never connected with her cultural roots.  During the play, Tua encounters other natives of India and comes to appreciate her heritage through the folktales from her native land.

The play was developed and had its first full production at Highland High School as part of the Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration of Salt Lake City.  Weinstein made two trips to Highland, once for the staged reading and development workshop and then for the full production, which was performed both at the high school and throughout the local community.

For a history of the Provincetown Playhouse series, follow this link:


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